Positano Travel Guide via A Lo Profile

I had been dreaming of going to Positano since I first saw a photo of it. I have loved everywhere in Italy I have visited before and I had a feeling Positano would be no different. It wasn’t. I always thought Positano Read More


Hi friends! If you read my post last Monday, then you know I was looking forward to getting back in the swing of things after being out of town for a few Read More

Wedding Wednesday: day before wedding shoot via A Lo Profile.

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Now that we are back from our wedding I’ll be sharing details each week, addressing more info about registries and gifts, talking about changing your name, and more! Today I am sharing our Read More

Rome Travel Guide featuring where to stay, where (and what) to eat, what to see, and travel trips via A Lo Profile.

I’m dreaming of the pasta and pizza again already as I type this. Rome was the first stop of many during our last trip through Europe. We flew into Rome for two nights before taking the train for Florence for our Read More