Booty Work


We leave for our wedding in less than a week, which means working out is high on the priority list this week. Even though my to do list is VERY full with little things to take care of so close to our wedding and honeymoon, Read More

Go To Ab Workout


Sometime when I was in college, the P90X workout videos seemed to be everyone?s favorite fitness routine. While I admittedly never made my way through even all of the CDs, I did find a life long favorite ab workout. Read More

White Workout Gear

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When I bought this marble print workout set, one of my friends asked if I was crazy because white often makes you look bigger. This may be why you see SO many black workout outfits. Read More

Ten Tips to Keep you Motivated

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It?s mid-February.. how ya doing on those New Years Goals? I made it through a January Whole 30, Read More

Get it Right, Get it Tight

Happy Victoria?s Secret Fashion show day. Who else plans to watch alongside their girlfriends while drinking wine and eating things that you assume the models avoided while prepping Read More

List it out

List it out honey, put it in the book. Okay, so maybe it was ?let? and not ?list? in Mean Girls. They may have also not been being positive either. Regardless, writing is an effective strategy I use for coping with those tougher Read More

The Whole 30

You may have heard of the Whole 30 before. Maybe you have a friend who was your DD for 30 days because they weren?t drinking. Maybe you noticed someone asking a lot of questions about what ingredients restaurants use when cooking their food. Read More