Y’aaalllll. There are seriously SO many shoes on my Spring wishlist right now. I am having to prioritize in a major way. Some of my girlfriends and I were just messaging in our group about how many amazing ones we keep seeing. This is when I miss the days of having a few other girl roommates with the same size foot. Did anyone else say ‘you buy that pair, I’ll buy this pair and we’ll share?’ Definitely one of the pros of so many girl roommates in college! For now, I’m prioritizing and trying to think which ones I need in the upcoming weeks (I’ve got a bachelorette party and a shower to outfit plan for) and which ones might be able to wait. Also, some are selling out quick (like those to die for black and white stripe shoes that lace up.. I dieee) so, I need to move a little quicker to make sure I get my hands on them. These are just SOME of my favorites right now. Check ‘My Wishlist‘ under my shop page, because I’ll be adding more there as I find them!

To shop any of the images below– just click on them! Clicking on a picture of one of the shoes will take you straight to the product page where you can shop that shoe. To shop others, just click a different image!

I am off to Austin bright and early today with two other blogger friends for SXSW. We’ve got a great mix of fun events to attend and I am so excited to get out of town for a weekend! I love a good road trip and Austin is one of my favorite cities. I’m oh so sad to leave my fiancé and my pup for the weekend, but he’ll have to work quite a bit (almoost finished with busy season.. YAY) so when I get back Sunday we’ll have a date night. I’m DYING to see Beauty and the Beast so hopefully we can do that on Sunday or this week. I hope you all have such a great weekend! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and check my Instastories to see all of my fun in Austin. Oh, and Happppy Saint Patrick’s Day! Enjoy some green beverages & try to resist the urge to pinch anywhere not wearing green. XO

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