Mini skirts are too fun to pass up. I’m not sure why some people are so hesitant to add them into their wardrobes more often, but I seem to gravitate towards them. I love the versatility of a mini skirt. You can dress them up more than shorts, but dressing them down with sneakers gives an almost instant effortlessly cool vibe. This lili mini skirt is a great price point and I love the wrap detail. It says to size up online, but I actually found it to be true to size. I wanted to wear it with heels, because a mini skirt and heels just do wonders for the legs. I kept the rest of my outfit as easy as it comes– a white t-shirt, black lace bandeau bra, and a denim jacket.

I added a turquoise choker necklace because I loved how the lilac and turquoise colors complemented one another. I have always loved turquoise jewelry, especially when paired with white because it really pops. This choker is part of a set of necklaces that can be worn separately or together. That makes it such a great deal, as you’re kinda getting three-in-one. Let’s take a sec and talk about these shoes. You guys. They are SO stinkin’ comfortable. Like weirdly so. I wore them all day to work and that same night when I got them thinking I would break them in before my bachelorette party. I wore them all night dancing my little heart out. I wore them again this past weekend dancing and on my feet all night again. They haven’t hurt once. I’m seriously shocked. I always find thicker, block like heels more comfortable, but goodness these are the bomb. I’m ordering them in at least one if not several other colors ASAP!


We spent this past weekend in Arkansas. We went up Thursday night and spent the night with a good couple friend. They have a black lab around the same age as Maddie so they had so much fun playing while we ate pizza from our fav spot in Arkansas and drank wine. My girlfriend and I did a sheet mask while we all watched television and talked, which provided some added entertainment. Friday morning, we woke up and took engagement pictures. We finally got to spend some time with our amazing wedding photographer, Stephanie Parsley (you can read my tips about choosing one here) which was SO much fun! I can’t wait to see the photos and share them with you all.

Following engagement pictures, we grabbed a burger at one of our favorite spots in Little Rock before hitting the road again to Charles’ home town, Helena. It is located right on the Mississippi River, not too far from Memphis. We had an engagement party there on Saturday night, so we spent the weekend there. Charles’ mom is a fabulous cook so she cooked us lobster tail, truffle cheese orzo, bread, and veggies on Friday night. Saturday we did a little gift registering at some small local shops in town and then just spent the day with family until the party. It was such a fun weekend! Yesterday the drive home was definitely long and tiring. It was Maddie’s first road trip and she did great. We also had like five friends’ babies that we met over the weekend while in Arkansas- so it was jam packed. We grabbed Tex Mex on the way back in last night and went to bed VERY early for us. This week I am vowing to get back on the healthy eating train and stick to it, minus two little things I have going on. I realized this weekend just how quickly our wedding is approaching and it’s time to kick it in gear!! I hope all of you had amazing weekends no matter what you did. XO

Photos by Madison Kaitlin Photography

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