Happy Friday! As I shared in Monday’s post, this week was all about getting back on track with fitness for me. We were out of town for three weeks and then I was sick after we got back for a week, so I was really looking forward to being able to get back in my routine and workout. I started some new cardio workouts that I can’t wait to share more about with you all! Cardio is not my favorite thing to do and I truly avoided it for the past several months, so I’m feeling great after doing it a few times this week.

I’m always looking for ways to stay motivated and as I’ve talked about before, sometimes a new athleisure outfit is just what I need to look forward to a workout. I wanted to round up the best athleisure from the Nordstrom sale for my Friday favorites today. I bought the black leggings shown in the middle of the bottom row and wore them several times this week already. #noshame They are under $36, come in two colors, and are the best fit!! They are seriously so comfy. I just ordered them in the burgundy color and can’t wait to get them in.

Simply click any of the product images below and you’ll be taken to the page for that item where you can shop!

We don’t have too busy of a weekend ahead and the plans we do have are leisure or fun plans with friends. We’ll be out of town next weekend, so I’m looking for a relaxing one here. Whatever your plans, I hope you have a great one! I’m going to try to keep my workout streak going strong over the weekend into next week. If you have any fun cardio or other workouts you love.. send them my way! I’ll share my favorites with you all in a post, soon. XO

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