Did you see this top when I posted it on Instagram?! It’s one of those pieces that when I got in I couldn’t wait to shoot it and immediately bumped it up to the front of the list. When I got the pics back, I posted it that day. I LOVE it. This is seriously the tshirt of my dreams. You guys know I love tshirts for countless reasons: comfort, ease, effortless style, cost per wear, versatility, etc. This one is your average white cropped tshirt in the front, but in the back its a full on partay.

I feel like the back of this tshirt is two slightly opposite people being set up on a date and just hitting it off. Whatever it is, it works. It’s adorable with shorts and sneakers, I was obsessed with it dressed up with a classic pump, and up next I’ll be styling it with a mini skirt. This with a leather mini and booties come fall?! I die. It gets better though.. It’s $26. TWENTY-SIX. Insane. It’s selling quick so hurrrry and grab it. Like, NOW. I got asked a few times what I did about a bra under this top. The answer? Skip it. Throw on a backless sticky bra or just throw on these little petals.

Have you noticed these earrings on major repeat for me, too? I love pearls in the edgy, statement jewelry vibe rather than the classic, preppy style. These add a fun little touch to any outfit and I just keep wearing them! They’re a steal, too. I’ve been seeing a lot of pearl accents this Spring, like these gorgeous heels or these more affordable sandals that I am about to snag. I’m loving this trend! Do you see my adorable bar necklace, too? It’s c/o Moon & Lola and it has our wedding date on it! This was such a thoughtful gift and I seriously wear it to bed, to workout, and everywhere else because I don’t want to take it off. It looks so great layered with other pieces, too! This would make such a good gift for a bride-to-be, a new mother, or anyone else who has a special date you want to celebrate. 



Last night was a late one for me. I had a psych evaluation report to finish for work and was waiting on some paperwork to get it finished. I was up til after 10:00 working on that and then had some other things to take care of so I was up til well after midnight. I have a weekend of no plans ahead though so I am looking forward to that! I have some fun things this week on Wednesday and Thursday as well. Be sure to follow along on Insta-stories! Also, tune in to the blog tomorrow. I’m seeking your advice on a wedding decision! Hope you are all having a great week so far. XO

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